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Learn To Play drums

Mark O’Brien

– Professional music tutor and session musician

“Mark is a great teacher and an excellent drummer. I have watched my son come on so well in his 1st year being taught. Mark has a good way of mixing technique and theory alongside learning actual songs…I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

– Neil Jones

“Mark is a talented musician who has patience with all ages and abilities including those with disabilities. My son has special needs and is quite hard work but Mark isn’t fazed by his challenges and always manages to teach him with a gentle approach. Would definitely recommend him as a tutor.”

– Jane Dodd

“I have known Mark for a few years and he has always been professional in his approach to rehearsing, performing and educating. As a former Head of Music at Savio Salesian College I employed Mark as a peripatetic drum tutor for 2 years; during that time he increased the popularity and demand for drum lessons in the school significantly. This was down to him having a good rapport with the pupils and a motivational style of teaching which appealed to young people studying music. His care and dedication for music education led to his pupils making rapid progress.

While at the school Mark was also involved in the band for the school show in which he performed and rehearsed professionally every time. To any prospective employers, I would not hesitate to recommend Mark O’Brien as a top class musician and dependable and reliable professional in the music business.

I myself have been a musician for over 25 years and performed in many different bands, playing different genres, I have also been a music educator for over 12 years.”

– Wayne Warnock

“As far as drummers go, you will be hard pushed to find anybody as professional as Mark. Mark took on the massive task of learning our entire 45 minute set in less than 24 hours when our drummer was rushed into hospital. Our music switches between lots of different tempos and styles and Mark fully immersed himself in every single one of our tracks, intent on perfection. His final performance was incredible and nobody would have known that he didn’t even know the set the day before. We would highly recommend Mark, or ‘Superman’, as we now call him. He is also a very nice person which greatly helps in a rehearsal/performance environment.” ***** (Five stars)

– The Fire Beneath The Sea

“Mark has been teaching my children drums and guitar for the last 5 years.  He is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher and good with children of all ages.  My boys have improved their musical skills and achieved lots of grades.  Mark is honest and trustworthy, with great communication skills and I would highly recommend him as a drumming and guitar instructor!”

– Michael Jenkinson


“Mark has been teaching my son for a number of years now. He is patient, gives encouragement, builds confidence and is creative with his teaching. Would highly recommend Mark to anybody who fancies a go themselves or is looking for tuition for children/teens.”

– Clair McGovern

“Mark has been teaching my son drums for 7 years. He is flexible and punctual. He doesn’t let us down and lets us know if theres any problems. He has a lot of patience and my son likes him a lot. He knows how to get the best out f him. My son has ADHD and Mark relates well to him and his drumming has improved a lot. I would recommend him to anyone.”

– Cath Leyland


“I’ve been going to Mark for drumming lessons most weeks for close to 6 years now and during that time the level of professionalism and quality from each lesson has never changed. Be it that I’ve wanted to learn a new song, try my hand at high-end grade level techniques, or simply just have a good jamming session – Mark has always been willing and able to use is skills as a drummer to help me achieve my goals. I don’t go to a teacher or an instructor; I go to a friend, and I’m a better drummer because of it.”

– Edwin Richards

“Mark O’Brien is a highly skilled session drummer who excels under pressure. He is very adaptable and approachable and is willing to travel across the country at the last minute listening and learning beats soon to be required from him. Last summer (2014) we had 2 nights and a day notice that our drummer couldn’t make it to the finale festival gig of our summer tour. Mark got to work straight away, travelled 500 miles with us, practised as a full band the night and day before and then absolutely smashed it for the finale gig. He also gave us goosebumps with his spectacular solos. Our songs twist and turn between many genres but this did not phase him at all. We were blown away about how quickly he picked our songs up and we would not hesitate to use him again in the future should we need him.”

– Rumjig



“At the time of writing this review, I have received around six drumming lessons from Mark….and I genuinely could not recommend Mark as a drum teacher enough!!! (However I will try, and I have had lessons before). He has honestly completely exceeded my expectations of what any musical instrument teacher has to offer and then some! Mark seems to have a perfect blend of theory and practical teaching that is suited to my learning style which means that I learn so much condensed knowledge and applicable skill within the lessons that we have. I leave each lesson with so much to practice and reflect/think about, and he has truly inspired a passion in me to delve myself completely into the art of drumming and music theory….As I said before- he has completely exceeded my expectations! Mark also couldn’t be more encouraging and positive with his feedback, with a sharp awareness around what you are doing right, what you could be doing better, while making sure that you stay within your own style and self-discovery with your drumming journey! His main aim really seems to enable you to go off and build your own practice without relying on anyone else, which is one reason I feel lucky to have found Mark as a teacher as it seems that he has your best interests at heart rather than his own. Now I actually crave to play the drums and practice every day. I have also built up the confidence enough to begin playing in a band! Mark has provided me with energy, enthusiasm and faith to really use the art of drumming as a serious part of my life, which I had previously only been considering as a hobby.”

– Dan Crossey